Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tips from a friend...

Subject: Green Tips 
Just thought of a few easy ideas to help your family go green....

#1 Choose the top 3 things used the most in your house to recycle. We recycle alluminum, cardboard, and tin cans. Then change your grocery list to maximize what can be recycled. example: instead of body wash I started buying Dove bar soap. All the moisture benefits for my skin and I can recycle the box. Plastics are bad! My boys love going to the store down the street for sodas etc... Sobe's were their fav until they realized that Arizona tea is in aluminum (recycle) and they save money with re-fillable cups. 

#2 Expand on #1. what can be reused if it cant be recycled? Do you ever buy anything in a 5 gallon bucket like cat litter? Cat litter also comes in cardboard boxes (recycle) but if you have one of those buckets nail some holes in the bottom. Works great to sift rocks out of the soil in your garden or a diaper pail to soak those cloth diapers in. 

#3 Reusable grocery bags are GREAT! Problem is that most people forget them. Dont keep them in a drawyer or a closet. As soon as the food is put away put them back in your car. Everything has a place and that is there's! 

Need more? Check-out this site for advice, tips etc.... http://www.facebook.com/l/def6c;thegreenguide.com OK, I will stop rambling about going green for now. Can you tell that this has become a bit of a passion for me? Barbara

Great Tips! Ramble on my friend!

#1 Plastics are bad! -We need to recycle. In CA it was so easy! We had a green can and a     
     brown can if I remember right. And all we had to do was throw all our recyclables in the 
     brown(?) one, how simple is that!?!
#2 Awesome ideas for the buckets!
#3 Reusable Grocery Bags Rock! I forgot to mention that we do use them and have for at 
     least 9 months, I did have the problem of forgetting them and then started keeping them 
     in the back of the car, much easier!
     Everything has it's place – well the bags are easy 
     (I'll delve into our clutter another day, with pictures and all-yikes!)

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  1. Great tips. We recyle all plastic, aluminum, glass and paper. LOVE my reusable bags!