Monday, January 4, 2010

Fourteen Ways and BPA's

Feeling 0 for 0. So far my husband seems to be the one leading me to each enlightening moment. This afternoon at Keva Juice, he picked up a local paper and glancing over his shoulder I saw an article  that caught my attention, Green goals: Fourteen ways to be more eco-friendly in 2010. I think I'll refer to this if I ever get stumped as to what to do next. I take it back my husband wasn't the only one to enlighten me, New Years day my friend Christy told me about the yucky BPA's  in common foods like Macaroni and Cheese. She recommended Annie's, which I have seen in the grocery store before. So tonight I went to the store and it wasn't with the regular mac n' cheese, it was hard to find-near the pastas in a special section. After comparing the labels I don't see a significant difference, although Annie's is Certified Organic. I picked up Newman's organic fig newtons and oreo looking things too. I just ate a fig newton, pretty good!

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  1. BPA in mac n cheese??? Yikes! I will have to look into that. My hubby doesnt like the organic mac n cheese. Go figure! Whole foods has a good variety of organic mac n cheese and it is about as cheap as the regular Kraft stuff. It is tasty too!