Monday, January 25, 2010

Recycling and Redefining

Sunday the 17th I drove over to the dump with my recyclables. It was pretty easy. The attendant told me where to take the stuff and I did so... I was kinda concerned that he didn't have something to give me to let me know what may not be recyclable within the categories of paper and plastic. So I dumped all the cardboard that I had collected over the week, including all the cereal, cracker and other such boxes into the "newspaper" area -hope that was ok. I also had collected lots of plastics and don't know the difference, so hopefully they were all recyclable as well! This is something I can do every week easily after Church, with this Sunday being an unusual exception. We were in a huge hurry to get to a meeting that we had already missed half of. So last weeks collection will have to be dropped off early this week.

PS I will be posting pictures of the now-clutter-free-zones, hopefully they don't get re-cluttered before I get around to it!

Plus I was considering the rise in the cost of living and thought that maybe I should shoot for a 10% reduction in my utility bills.

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