Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas is over...

So, Christmas is over and we have always gotten a permit to cut our own tree... We did the same thing this year. After we had our tree, my husband, to my surprise said "I know it's fun to go pick out our tree each year, but I feel kinda bad about throwing it out after wards. Should we think about getting a fake tree?" I hadn't even thought about it, but he was right. We didn't even recycle our tree-shame on us... I heard you could do that a few days after we'd already thrown it out. So we started looking at the after Christmas 1/2 price pre-lit trees, still 44 bucks for the size we wanted... Bummer. Then we saw one at the Goodwill, which we frequent. The price was $19.99 - great deal, but it was 9' - that's how tall our ceilings are. Oh, well. Then a few days later, my husband was looking at free stuff on craigslist. He found a 7'6" pre-lit (white lights even) for FREE in our very neighborhood. The ad said that it was outside for anyone to come and take- I said "GO!" He figured it would be gone, but it was just a few streets away- he came back home with a tree-in the box! What a blessing! It's a little hard to believe, that big of a tree fits in that relatively small box-we'll see next year how it looks!

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  1. Thats awesome. We have had our fake tree for 3 years now and I love it. I actually never even thought about the environmental benefits!