Sunday, March 7, 2010

4 Little Chicks

We got our chickens on Friday. Our oldest daughter wanted four because she's 4 years old. The first one I picked was probably the dumbest choice but has definitely been the most entertaining. We ended up getting Easter Eggers because they have a variety of colors and the eggs are colorful. The first one I saw was all by itself standing away from the crowd (red flag one). He (even though they're all girls-this one is always referred to as him) was dark brown and black and didn't seem concerned at all by the situation. So the guy scooped him up and he was really easy to catch (red flag #2). Then I picked a yellow one and two multi-colored ones that almost look like twins, but one has puffy cheeks and the other has more dark area on her head.
Right now they are in a dog kennel with a heat lamp and their food and water... I've since swapped out the carpet and the towel for shredded newspaper (not really liking this temporary solution). They'll be in our sun room for 4-5 weeks then they can go outside. My husband is building them a chicken coop from pallets (pictured in progress).

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