Sunday, February 28, 2010



Ok, Carson is a lot bigger than my town so I think I'll be ok with getting Chickens...
Read this article if your interested in the thoughts of a politician pro-backyard chickens...

I'm convinced and so is my husband, I think that he's mostly looking forward to building something! He's going to build a chicken coop out of pallets and the chicken wire we have left over from our pallet compost bin! You may think that we're going overboard but I personally love the idea of Chicken's for pets because, they are one of the few pets that actually provides something of value!

Check out YouTube for the Natural History of the Chicken a great documentary that we saw one night on PBS, very well made and truly shows the broad ends of the spectrum in a humorous and engaging way! Don't worry our chickens will be outdoors only... :)

While researching the subject I found this great site and chicken coop for under $5.
Our daughter can't stop talking about our chickens that we don't have yet.

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